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Create a table of html snippits in microsoft access from data already in the database.

OK. Basic question here which I can't see an obvious way to do. I have a bunch of data that I want to group and then output as a set of HTML snippits to be uploaded to a larger web database.

Specifically, I have a table of counties and cities. I want to
a) create an html table for each county that lists the cities within that county. Then,

b) I want to insert this snippit into another html page (which already exists.)

I can do B) but am having trouble with A). Based on my rudimentary way of doing B, I need a way to do this that puts the HTML snippits from A into an access table of their own, with each row being a county. Essentially, a table that has two columns: county, and "html table of cities for that county".

Help me mefi!
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i did something like this except it was a whole page. i ended up putting the html into an insert querty. my sql for it looked something like insert "html text" & accesstablevariable & "more html text" into finaltable where ...

so all the non changing html was in the query, and inserted into an empty table each time.
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Response by poster: Thanks lester -- I used that as a start to my google fu and then found a detailed answer on how to concatenate the rows in access here.

Apparently this is easy to do in mySQL but hard to do in access. But now all tidied up!
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