How do I extrude a logo in any OS X software?
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How do I extrude a logo in any OS X software?

I created a logo in Photoshop and need to extrude it and can't figure out how. I tried to import to illustrator and extrude but it extrudes a whole rectangle, not just the logo.

There must be some way to do this! Any software? I think at this point I could even justify buying something cause I have tried to do this for hours!
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Are you trying to make the logo appear to pop out from the background?
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Response by poster: No. Going for the 20th century fox look...
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I'm not a big Illustrator guy. I'm sure there must be a way to overcome that import problem you're having. But at the end of the day, I know Cinema 4D can do this for you. Example. Google around and you'll find examples of how to import from Photoshop if you have a logo already designed there.
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Maybe this will help?
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Does it need to be animated, or static?
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I'm going to assume you didn't create the logo with the pen tool/vector/paths in photoshop. This means your logo is pixel based, not vector. And, therefore, pretty much useless. Sorry.

Start over in illustrator. If you have CS3 or up, you can use Live Trace on your original file and have a good starting point.

If my assumption was wrong and you have done this with paths you'll want to use File -> Export -> Paths to Illustrator
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Also, I mean, buying the services of a graphic designer could be well worth your time and money. Not that I'm using AskMe to pimp myself, cause I'm pretty sure that wouldn't be kosher...
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As fontophilic suggests, logo design is not what Photoshop is for. This is the purview of Illustrator. Logos, by and large ... with VERY few exceptions ... need to be drawn using vector tools. The extrude tool in Illustrator works quite well on vector art.
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