Is there anyway to lock individual pages in Word?
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In Microsoft Word (2007) is there anyway for me to have a multi-page document where each page functions like an individual document (so edits on one page won't affect subsequent ones)?

I'd like to be able to create one word document instead of 9 for the history project I'm doing. I'm creating a DBQ (Document Based Question) about the Gay Rights Movement. On the first page I have the question, and then on the next eight pages I'll have primary sources (of both text and pictures). I'd like to be able to edit one document without messing up the whole thing, is this possible?
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You can insert a page break (or a section break) at the end of the question, to force the answers to not be on the same page. Is that what you're looking for? If not, what kinds of "messing up" are you concerned about?
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Let's say I've gotten all my primary sources on different pages in the document. Then I realize I need to add a sentence on the first page. How can I stop this from sending all the rest of my text down a line? Does that make sense?
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Ah, yes, definitely put a page break at the end of each page. DO NOT add extra enters to push things onto the next page, just insert a page break after whatever you want the last thing on the page to be.
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That makes sense. Instead of using a bunch of line/paragraph breaks at the end of the question to push things onto the next page, just use a single page break. I can't remember where "insert a page break" is in the UI any more, unfortunately.
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crtl + enter
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Thanks everyone!
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