Finding iron polysaccharide in Los Angeles
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Need to find and buy iron polysaccharide vitamin supplement in Los Angeles. Help?

Klang's been told to take iron polysaccharide 150 mg for his recuperation. We cannot get it from a pharmacy b/c he does not have a prescription for it; it is an over-the-counter medication. So far, I've called 3-4 locations in west LA of GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, CVS, Rite Aid, American Compounding Pharmacy, and Ralph's-- everyone has heard of it, but no one stocks it.

Can the hive mind help me find this supplement on the ground in west LA, or brainstorm another solution for alternate supplements? I'd appreciate it.
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There's a weird vitamin store over by the Church of Scientology that I've always wondered about. Maybe they'll have it!
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I'll call the Nature Mart near us. Have you tried Co-Opportunity in Santa Monica?
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No luck at Nature Mart. I may have to investigate the weird vitamin store on Fountain.
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No luck at Erewhon either. I left a message with my friend the RD to see if she has any suggestions.
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I just called the vitamin place on Fountain, and got no answer. l live around the corner, so I'll walk over and see if they're open.
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FYI, iron polysaccharide is just a fancier form of normal iron supplements, with a few less side effects (most commonly, constipation). It is usually very expensive. You may be just as well off with ferrous sulfate (normal iron pills) and then add a stool softener later on if you come across the constipation problems.
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I actually have an unused 90 day supply of polysaccharide iron... I made the switch to Proferrin so don't take it anymore. I'm more than happy to send it Klang's way, but if you don't want supplements from a total stranger, I do get my iron from If you contact them, I'm sure they'd be happy to overnight you some, or even 2nd day air as they're somewhere in the Pacific northwest.
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Can you find what you need on Amazon? Let me know if so, and I'll order it for you and send it fast -- I have Amazon Prime. It should be able to get there on Monday if I order soon.
Was going to send you some dollars but vitamins works too!
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The product is called "Niferex" and it is over-the-counter. Here is a generic version.
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The vitamin place on Fountain ended up not having it, but it looks like you got the hookup regardless. :)
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I checked every CVS, Ralph's, Whole Foods, Erewhon, and other store I saw on my way home from your house, and nobody had it. Pretty much everyone working the supplements aisles said to try online. FWIW, here are some other brand names I found: Ezfe, Ferrex-150, Ferus Pic-150, Niferex, Niferex Elixir, Nu-Iron 150, Poly Iron, Polysaccharide Iron, Niferex-150(obsolete), Hytinic, Nu-Iron, Fe-Tinic 150 (obsolete), Iferex 150.
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Oh, also, the guy at Erewhon said to maybe try Nettle as "it'll make you levitate, man." /nothelpful
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Response by poster: thanks, all. librarina is sending some via mail (yay! thanks!) and in the meantime, i've checked in with a medical professional; the few days' wait isn't going to be an issue.
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