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What's awesome about Bridgeport, CT?

I live and work in towns adjoining Connecticut's largest city, but spend very little time there. What am I missing, regarding food, entertainment (for 30-something adults and a 1-year-old), and activities? Where should I go with coworkers for lunch, or my spouse for dinner? Are there any family-owned businesses that offer great deals in ornate hand-crafted tongue depressors or something else unique?

We're mostly fish-eating vegetarians. My best finds so far for lunch is Pho Saigon on Wood Ave, and I also like the Cambodian grocery around the corner.
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Was going to recommend The Barnum Museum, but I just saw the thread title. there's the link again case you haven't checked it out LATELY.
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Might be early for a 1-year-old, but the Discovery Museum might eventually become a favorite. Got a planetarium and everything.
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Norwalk is very (10-15 mins) close to Bridgeport. The Children's Museum and Maritime Aquarium are faves with little haqspan.
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The Black Rock section of Bridgeport (off exit 24 of I-95), has several great bars and restaurants. If you like live music, the Acoustic Cafe is a pretty cool small club in Black Rock.

The Beardsley Zoo is small and cute and very manageable with a one-year-old.
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bloodroot is a great vegetarian restaurant.
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Baseball season is coming up. Bridgeport Bluefish games were always a good time.
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Bridgeport is a terrible town.
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Seconding the Acoustic Cafe, although their upcoming show calendar is extraordinarily bleak. The only show I would suggest is the one on Thursday, the 25th.

It's a nice sit-down venue, though. And they have - or used to have? - really great second-tier folk/bluegrass/country artists running through.
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