Need a wallet that can fit a lot of business cards
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I need something that fit cash, ATM/credit cards/driver license/etc, AND a reasonable number (25 at least) of my business cards, so I can give them out at networking events without fear of running out. If those business cards are paper, it shouldn't bend them... and ideally it should also be small and look cool. I'm a guy btw. Am I asking for too much?
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Re the business cards. How about a slender metal card holder that slips into the wallet. It will protect the cards from bending or getting creased when the wallet is in your pocket. One of the cheap business card printing places (same name as a windows OS) sometimes gives them away. I love mine.
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Maybe some kind of combo business card holder/cash clip?

Why not go with a standard wallet and a separate business card holder?
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I have a business card case from this etsy shop that I use for all of my shopper's club cards, etc. It's roomy enough for a whole stack of credit cards/gift cards, so I think it would work for everything you want to carry. If not, there are other types of cases on the same shop. I really like the simplicity of these cases.
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Not sure how many business cards would fit, but maybe something like this ?
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You know what? I did the cigarette case thing for about five years. I got a cool vintage one off Ebay and everything. At the end of the day:

- It was annoying how little could fit in it.
- If the thing you want isn't right on top, you end up doing an awkward little shuffle every time you want to use a credit card or give a business card.
- The pointy corners wore a hole in the pocket of any pants I wore very often.

I went back to a cool-looking wallet and never regretted it.
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Sometimes all-in-one isn't the best solution. Get a business card holder for your business cards (I got a brushed aluminum one several years ago that is great) and use your wallet for holding your cash/ID/plastic.
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I got this wallet for my uber-cool nephew and he loves it (and his father lusted after it as well). Or, if you're willing to spend a bit more, I always thought the Dosh wallets were very cool as well.
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Have a look at the All-Ett website. Might find what you're looking for.
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This might work. I use the thinner one for license, creditcards, and other ID.
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This may be better. . .a bit thicker.
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how about this? nooka ao wallet. it's silicone so it stretches! and it's pretty sleek.
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