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Please (re?)name my texting/facebook/email-based, safer sex outreach program aimed at men who love men!

My non-profit health agency that serves the LGBTQIA and HIV/AIDS communities recently launched a new HIV prevention program, and it needs a new name.

The program involves volunteers sending our short, safer sex themed messages to their peers once a monthv, via text, email, facebook, twitter etc. The messages are especially intended to go to men who love men (gay/bi/trans/queer/DL or downlow/non-labeling guys) in the community, because HIV infections are on the rise here among this group. Volunteers need not be gay/bi men themselves.

The goal is to get the word out about safer sex and HIV prevention in a catchy format and impart small snippets of knowledge about practicing safer sex and about HIV/STDs.

The project is tentatively named "Safety Net," but the community has kind of dismissed it as too... obvious? Too heavy-handed?, because of the "safety" thing, and the "falling" and implication, that someone "needs" a safeguard, which is potentially dis-empowering.

Please name my program! Something catchy & fun that can be promoted. Only rules: it has to be inclusive (can't be like GAYsomething) and it can't be NC-17 rated, coz DPH has to approve. (e.g., one of my team members suggested calling it F*CKERS, as an acronym for "Friends Under Cover Keeping Everyone Really Safe.... um, no!)

Oh, if you want to see the existing logo, which I kinda like, but just not the name, you can go here.

I need MeFi's help on this one, because I've been entrenched in the program so long I can't think of anything else, and the guys in the community are also kind of stumped.
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WRAPPR - Working to Raise Awareness for Physical and Personal Refuge?
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Ends Well - the idea that safe sex "ends well", and um, keeps their "ends well". You know, "ends", as in cocks...
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BLOW - Buddies Linked (on/over) Wellness

Then you can add HIM or ME if you can come up with other acronyms but I'm spent (as it were).
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Reach Around--
as in the messages reaching around the network of participants, to connect everyone.
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Maybe something Connecticut-themed? Can't think of a good acronym for "nutmeg" offhand (Not Using These May Enrage Guys?), but you could take "Sustinet" (from the state flag) liberally, perhaps in the sense of "sustaining your health."

And your state animal, the sperm whale? Mascot!
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Sex RAPS (reminders about preventing STDs)
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