What is the best free wiki-hosting service for my needs?
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I want to create a wiki for writing poetry but I don't have extra money to spend. What free wiki-hosting site will best serve my needs? More about what I need below the cut.

+ The ability to edit poems but keep a history of all previous edits and a clear and simple way to access and compare previous versions (like Wikipedia).

+ Talk sections for individual pages (poems).

+ The ability to designate collaborators (or allow anyone to edit). That is, to either lock a poem so that only designated members can make edits or leave it unlocked for anyone to edit.

+ Some community functions, a message board, for instance, and member profiles.

+ A good way to segregate the meta stuff away from the poems (by "meta stuff" I mean site-policy-discussions, articles about writing, general breeze-shooting et cetera).

Is there a free wiki-hosting service that offers all that? If not, does anyone come close?
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PBWorks is good: http://pbworks.com/
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No personal experience here but this page may help.
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BTW, PBWorks has different levels of service. One level is free, and others charge a monthly fee.
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wikidot is one I've been using to collaborate on a class project. You can set up your own free wiki easily.
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Thanks! All these answers are good. I now have a lot of comparing to do.
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I want to do this for my son's Cub pack. Wikidot isn't free anymore, though older wikis were grandfathered in. The PBWorks stuff seems very nice, and I will be using it. Thanks for the link!
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