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What the name of the art style of such things as Samorost, where moss, trees and other organics meld with primitive technology?

I wouldn't call it Steampunk, because the organic component is key and often overwheming, and the 'tech' is often pre-steam, like wood and stone, or primitive/kludgey, like the rusty cans and pipes in Samorost. (steampunk is more shiny and "punk" (hard), less soft and druid/hippyish.) Often the organic seem to be 'overgrowing' or warring with the tech.

Some examples: Rodney Matthews, Ursula Vernon, and of course Samorost, itself. Myst also, in places. And you can sometimes see it in the real world;in jungles

I really like this style and am trying to create some of it myself. But what is it called? Mosspunk? Hippy Art? Green post-Apocalypse? I can't google for more if I don't know what to ask for!
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It sure looks a lot like an evolution of the Arcimboldo effect, pioneered by Giuseppe Arcimboldo (also spelled Arcimboldi; 1527 - July 11, 1593).
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Response by poster: Jamjam: I agree, there's some similarities, but looks like Arcimboldo is pretty established in its own right, but I don't think that's quite it yet. Addition: If there doesn't seem to be an established term for it, any suggestions for what to call it?
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Response by poster: Or, is there a term for the blurring and concealing that occurs when the jungle or other growths start to obscure a historical site, like all those Mayan temples that are lost in the jungle?
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Response by poster: I found this: Feral Houses. Still not a term for a genre, as it were, but I include it as a resource for anyone else interested in this.
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