Pottery Appraisals in DC
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AppraisalFilter: How do I go about securing a certified appraisal of several pieces of San Ildefonso blackware pottery? I am looking for a reputable appraiser in the DC area. I am very interested in getting these pieces properly insured. I am unwilling to allow them out of my care since several pieces are 50 to 80 years old. One miniature is by Maria Martinez. Can you recommend anyone in the DC area?
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I can't help you directly (other than to congratulate you on having a Maria Martinez!) but I wonder if you could call a curator at the new Museum of the American Indian for a recommendation?
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Really I'm not trying to be a troll, but Antiques Roadshow lists their appraisers. That would be where I would start. Those guys are awesome.
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I just looked at your links and they JUST appraised some of her work on the show! A pair of black pots, the only large pair in existence. They had her signature on the bottom. I can't remember the appraiser or find anything about it on the web in a 5 minute search, but if I find anything else, I'll post it here.
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Here is the show that her pots were featured in. Nobody on their list of Native American or Pottery appraisers looks to be close to DC. The one in Baltimore specializes in African American work but if you contact him, he may be able to reccommend someone in your area.
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