Small-business accounting
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I run a small design firm out of the house, with 2 employees and yearly sales of about $250K. How much should I pay for basic accounting services? He only does my taxes, I have a payroll service for payroll, and I do my own bookkeeping.
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It depends to some extent on where you're located, and "only does my taxes" often ends up being more complicated than you'd think. There's no single easy answer to your question. Are you getting an itemized bill with hours, or do you pay a flat rate? You can email me if you want more info. Hourly rates vary a lot depending on where you are, and within a region by who you use.
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Also, does he prepare a separate business return, or does it go on a Schedule C on your 1040? And if he does an 1120S or whatever, does he also do your 1040?
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Here in Toronto, a tax return with no bookkeeping services will run you $1000-$3000CDN (depending on where you go) for a small incorporated business of the size you describe.
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