Go/Weiqi in Chinatown, NYC?
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Where can I play go (weiqi/baduk) in Chinatown, NYC? How about buy equipment?

I know there is the New York Go Center, in Midtown, but that’s well out of my way.

What are the particulars of weiqi ettiquitte, as compared to go (I’m familiar with Chinese scoring rules)?
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I can't answer your question about NYC, but with regard to etiquette--Go and Wei'qi (and Baduk...) are the same game, with largely the same etiquette in all three East Asian cultures. Both the Chinese and Korean go communities were largely undeveloped until the 70s and 80s, so much of what they do stems from the (more mature) Japanese community. You may deal with some local, idiomatic issues, but nothing you do will offend someone.

Except calling out atari, of course.
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I'll play go with you in Chinatown, NYC!

I've come across people playing go at the Brooklyn Terminal Market, but never Chinatown. Wacky, but true. You can buy a board at any of the chess stores in town, but if you want a good magnetic travel board I suggest just ordering one online.

The etiquette seems to be about the same everywhere, as far as I've seen. Though to be fair, I've only played in Japanese, Korean, and American communities.

There's also a Brooklyn Go Club that meets on Friday nights in members' homes. It's sometimes in Park Slope and sometimes on the UES, if I recall correctly. They have a mailing list, and a teaching table every spring at the Brooklyn Sakura Matsuri. Very friendly people and a good range of strengths.

I've always wondered what would happen if I just set up a table and a go board like the Union Square chess guys do.
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