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What are some good online two player games?

I'm looking for games to play with my partner, while they're in another city. We've been playing Scrabble and Go, and I'd like to switch to some new strategy games and/or cute co-op games. Free-to-play is a must.
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Draw Something (a fun 2 player drawing game for iOS), also getting on Skype then playing the same movie and watching together is a lot of fun too.
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Seconding Draw Something, which is also available on Android. (My wife and I play it, she on her iPhone and me on my Android phone.) There's a for-pay version (I think you get some extra features or whatnot) and a free version, which is what I use.

Also, you might like the app Pair, which isn't quite a game but offers some cute game-like abilities (described further here).
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For board games, try and
Both have free and paid version but if you are just playing one person the free options should be enough.
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Dominion has a free online client. So does the base version of The Settlers of Catan.
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I'm a fan of Waving Hands. You play wizards trying to make your own spells and interrupt the other persons. Bluffing, pattern-recognition, and no random elements. Takes a little getting used to, but it is pretty good for fun asynchronous play.

I'm also into Conclave lately, a rpg type dungeon crawl game that plays well asynchronously.
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I really like Kahuna, a game about capturing islands by building and destroying bridges. I've played it online at YourTurnMyTurn, and the BGG link lists several other places to play it.
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Warlight is customisable to a degree, has multiple maps and is free to play casually. You can set time limits for quick play or slow multi-day games. If you play just with each other you can easily agree on pretty much any kind of time limit. Its mechanics are somewhere between Risk and Diplomacy. Some Mefites thought highly of it when it appeared on the blue:

Warlight post
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Board Game Arena has multiple designer board and card games free to play on their site. Games are played in real-time, so no play-by-email. My favorites for two on there are dominion, race for the galaxy, and coloretto. Haggis is a great "climbing" trick-taking game, and Troyes gets great reviews too.
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