Help me assemble a memorial scrapbook for a woman I did not know.
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GriefandConsolationFilter: I (perhaps too quickly) volunteered to help assemble a memorial scrapbook for a woman who works for the same company as me, and who was murdered by her boyfriend a few days ago. I never met her and I hear she was very nice, so I'm fishing for any good poems, quotes, and or ideas. She was young (24) and died too soon but since we never met, I'm at a loss. All suggestion appreciated muchly.
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I would try to speak with someone she was close to and get that person involved as much as possible. Otherwise I don't see how you'll avoid creating something with a generic feel. What kinds of things were you thinking of including, other than what you mentioned in your question?
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Well the main problem is distance right now, we are doing this via email ( she worked in our New Orleans office, I work in Chicago) so it's all being coordinated in an odd way. I suggested a scrapbook, but I can't really help them make it from here. Mostly right now I'm hunting for some words to help.
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Words are good, pictures are better. See if a family member can help you out, or perhaps someone in the office might have something.
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What everyone said is good advice. Talking to the family can open a lot of avenues that are somewhat touchy if not done correctly (for instance, religion or cultural traditions).

It's also a good way of adding a personal touch to the scrapbook, and if you explain it carefully, I think you'll find that most family members will be more than willing to help out as much as possible.

Good luck, I don't envy your situation.
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What everyone else said: find family and friends.
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thanks, will do.
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