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Are you familiar with ISO standards and their language? Help me figure out the terms I need to get effective search results.

I'm currently working on a Policy Compliance Management System. I've been reading the ISO 20000 series for Online Services, along with the 27000 series for Information Security Management Systems, to get a sense of the language used surrounding Policy (Policy, Standard, Procedure).

However, I'd also like to review the ISO standards surrounding "tradational" or "boxed product" software - ie, software that is not an Online Service. Searches on these terms have not helped, and searches on "Software" bring back wayyy too much.

If you're familiar enough with ISO standards to know what terms to use in search to find these standards - or if, god forbid, you actually know the numbers of the relevant standards - please throw me a bone? Thanks!
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I'm not, but I have sometimes gotten around the language barrier across fields by watching them talk about things in recorded conferences, sales pitches, and so on. If no one else shows up to help, you may also find this sort of approach useful, if time-consuming.

A quicker way to get these kinds of words would be trade mags, talk to your local reference librarian.
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Best answer: Possibly try the ASQ Software Division under the Software Standards heading. I don't know if there is something so specific as what you're looking for, but it's been a few years since I've been in the ISO standards world and I didn't branch out much beyond the standards to which we had to comply.

Maybe find a registrar in your area or anywhere, really (TUV, BVQI, QMI/SAI to name a few). Call them up and tell them what you're looking for.

This Wikipedia page lists all published ISO Standards.
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I work in quality but not IT-related stuff. With that disclaimer, maybe try these:

ISO/IEC 25000 (a.k.a. SQuaRE)

ISO/IEC 25030:2007

The links are just to the ISO page where they sell the standards, but they do give a bit of description.

You may look at the ISO 9001:2008 standard. Its a generic standard that is used across industries and product types.

As schnee suggests, probably the quickest/best way to find out is to call up a registrar and inquire. I use BSI and have always found them helpful.

Good luck.
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Response by poster: Thanks, guys. I'll check out your links and keep on digging.
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