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Distributed Computing... Shiny distributed computing. Help me pick a project to contribute spare CPU/GPU cycles that has a beautiful visual element.

I have decent amount of computing power in my home, and I'd like to sign up for a distributed computing project and lend my spare cycles to the effort - but in return I want eye candy. Pretty visuals. I'm not really interested in SETI, but I'm open to pretty much any other project.

I've browsed lists and wiki pages, but it seems like the only way to get a true idea of what the visualizations for a certain program are like is to install it and have a go - and I'm not sure I want to install and uninstall that many clients.

Also, everything in the house can boot to Windows XP or 7, but may also be running Linux or OS X at any given moment. Some of the computers have some pretty beefy video cards as well, in case GPU support is available.

Help me find the prettiest!
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Electric Sheep
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Protein folding is purdy: Folding@home
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2nding Sheep. Absolutely stunning, almost hypnotic graphics.
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Electric sheep is pretty, but doesn't really accomplish anything of import (other than making more pretty pictures).

I'll suggest running one of the sciency projects listed on BOINC instead. Some of them are undoubtedly attractive and cool looking, and you won't be just burning power for no reason.
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Nthing BOINC. You can also cycle through the many projects it offers, until you find one you like... all with one client / install, and it supports multiple platforms.

Electric Sheep IS pretty, though.
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Distributed Cribbage
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Response by poster: I was unaware that I could install BOIN once and then try out all of the different programs that use it, thanks!

As for Electric sheep - I have two issues.
I’d like to contribute to a program that does a little more than create pretty pictures, I know I want eye candy, but I want it to b the gravy – not the point. Also, I’ve tried Electric Sheep several times in the past, and maybe I’ve configured it wrong, but the results I end up with seem like low-framerate, low-resolution versions of a Winamp visualizer. I don’t seem to see high-framerate high-resolution pretty stuff that people talk about – And the PC I’ve tried it on has a Q6600 quad core processor and dual Nvidia 8800 GT cards in SLI (state of the art three years ago!).

I’ve also tried Folding@home and was unimpressed by the visuals.
Distributed Cribbage sounds hilariously awesome, but the visuals available on the page aren't terribly inspiring.

I’m trying not to be a diva about this – but I want pretty screen!
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3rding Sheep
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