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Barbara Sher has a kit that guides you into running your own Success Teams. Vixen Noir is about to train facilitators for her erotic performance art course. I was a Trainee at a women's circus here last year, and at one point there was an opportunity to learn how to facilitate a certain style of hooping classes. What other packages and classes are there that train you to be a facilitator/teacher of a certain style?

Despite my examples, they don't all have to be circus-y - I'm thinking there's also some in the lines of personal development, business, and so on. I'm thinking a somewhat less formal and shorter version of Teacher Training - you learn a specific delivery of that topic, and you learn the business of running your groups, getting people to join, etc. They're usually geared towards facilitating small groups of people.

Who else offers stuff like this?
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There are all sorts of teacher training classes. Yoga teacher training classes are very common, as are massage teacher trainings.

Multilevel Marketing programs are also big on training people to recruit people to train people to recruit people.

Personal empowerment trainings (close kin to MLM) also do this. For example, Landmark Education's programs start out with the participants being led, but as you go through their programs you learn how to lead groups.
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Ski instructor training is pretty formal and in most places you can't teach without it.
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Swimming instructor is another one where training is widely available.
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Response by poster: Thanks, but I was thinking more of people who train you in facilitating a specific style of something. The Landmark Forum ones are a good example - it's essentially coaching, but a specific system of it.
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