Can I recreate the signature hot chocolate with syrups?
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Is there any combo of syrup add-in's to a regular Starbucks hot chocolate, that will come close to replicating the now discontinued Signature hot chocolate?

Starbucks discontinued the only reason I go there, their signature hot chocolate, right when I got my starbucks card up to the point of getting free drinks, grrr. My regular shop was going to stock up for me, but their order for a whole bunch was rejected and they are already all out =(

Then it occurred to me, the card also gives me free 'customization' with every purchase, so I'm wondering if there's not some way I can just morph a regular hot chocolate into something that tastes signature-y.

Recipe suggestions?
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Can you pinpoint what makes the "signature" flavor distinctive? Is it sweeter? Bitterer? Nuttier?
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Being a part-time barista, I can tell you that we use some funky cocoa powder added to milk to make the base for the signature hot chocolate. No amount of syrup will give you the equivalent of this base....
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Can you pinpoint what makes the "signature" flavor distinctive? Is it sweeter? Bitterer? Nuttier?

More dark chocolatey, less sweet.
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There is a thread about the discontinuation at Starbucks Gossip, run by Jim Romenesko.

I don't see a recipe, but there are some interesting comments on it. Numerous baristas say the formula changed months ago and suddenly the drink tasted awful.
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You could try ordering a regular hot chocolate but request that they omit the vanilla syrup (less sweet) and use extra mocha syrup (more chocolatey). This is what I began ordering for my family's Signature Hot Chocolate addict after the formula changed.
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IIRC my girlfriend didn't like it because it had a lot of of toffee flavor in it. Maybe that's what you're looking for?
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