Brunch in KC?
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Kansas City filter: Where should I go for brunch?

I'll be visiting family in KC this coming weekend and we'd like to do brunch on Sunday morning, followed by a visit to the Nelson Atkins. Any brunch recommendations nearish the museum (the Plaza? Westport?) would be great. I'm from the area but haven't lived there in nearly 15 years.

Bonus points for being veg-friendly, although I know that's hard to come by in Kansas City.
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Can't beat Jack Stack BBQ. Arguably the best BBQ in KC. They've got a place on the plaza.
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Try Eden Alley. I ate there off a recommendation I found here on Metafilter and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's as veg-friendly as they come. It's located in the Plaza in the basement of a church (Unity Temple).
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Try Eggtc. or Succotash. Both are veggie friendly, good food, and fairly close to where you want to be. Eggtc. would be the closest. I recommend showing up early or being prepared for a bit of a wait- they are both local favorites.
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Seconding Eden Alley.

If you only want to stop in one place, the Rozzelle Court Restaurant in the museum is open Sunday afternoons. It's pretty good, too.
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Best answer: Seconding Succotash or Eden Alley, and adding reccommendations for You Say Tomato or (a little further away, but worth it) Blue Bird Bistro.
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Oh! And conveniently right nearby, Cafe Sebastienne at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art is very good.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions! We're going to try Blue Bird Bistro this time, but I'm filing this away for future reference.
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