Twitter to Flicker (not the other way around)
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How can I add twitter mentions to my flickr feed? Twitter to Flickr (NOT VICE VERSA)

I've got a digital picture frame from Kodak that links to my Flickr account and puts up photos from the set I designate. I want to turn all tweets that mention me to a JPEG and put it in my twitter feed. Any ideas?
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Just to be clear, you want to take the text of a tweet as an image sent to your flickr?
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you most likely will want to use imagemagick to do this with the twitter API, and then email your flickr email address with the resulting image, but i wouldn't know how to do it.
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Doable but no such thing exists out of the box.
You need to write a script that searches @zackTM on twitter, writes that to an image using something like imagemagick and then emails it to your secret flickr email address.
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As an additional piece of the puzzle, there's a service called that will generate an image of a tweet from a tweet status ID number, like this:
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I'm totally adding this to my Twitter library.
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