Has anyone seen a show at BAM with an obstructed view?
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I really really want to see this play at BAM, but the only tickets left are obstructed views. Is it worth the $52 ticket?

I'm dying to see The Tempest at BAM, but it seems the only tickets left are nosebleed seats waaaay in the back behind the columns. I've gambled with these odds before, and some shows have been fine (just gotta turn your head... like so... and inch to the left and tada, full view!) and some have been, well, obstructed. Has anyone seen a show at BAM behind their columns? Was it manageable? Or should I just remember this as a lesson learned and buy my tickets in advance? I'm pretty poor these days, so $52 is nothing to sneeze at, but I'd rather be poor of wallet than of mind, I guess.
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Best answer: I saw it. It's great. It's totally worth it, especially for such a word-based play.

It's one of the best Shakespeare productions to come to New York in a long time.
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Best answer: I should be clear and say that my view was not obstructed. But I would have enjoyed the production with my eyes closed, just listening.

The other caveat is that I know the play really well (I'm directing a production of it right now), so I don't need the visuals to help me understand the story.
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Response by poster: Okay, that's all I needed to hear. Ticket purchased for tomorrow night!
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Yikes. Now if you hate it, it's my fault.

I'll refund your $52 if you have a terrible time.
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The one show I saw at BAM (Laurie Anderson's United States premier, way back in the early '80s), I had a partially obstructed view behind one of the columns. I thoroughly enjoyed the show despite that, and it is one of my favorite live performance memories to this day.
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Recently had some obstructed-view tickets at the Met. It really depends on the staging, downstage was fine, perhaps better than average. Upstage was invisible. This performance happened mainly downstage.
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