This Dark American Life - podcasts about the seedy underbelly
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Gimme some podcasts about the seedy underbelly of society - sex, drugs & rock n roll all welcome.

Maybe something by an ex cop or a reporter (a-la Louis Theroux) or a call girl (I know there's a blog like this - any podcasts?) or just a frat boy who's seen one too many things. Whaddaya got?

(Anonymous because I don't want people associating my pristine public image with an interest all things dark.)
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Savage Love would be an obvious one. Mistress Matisse also has one.
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O metafilter; I am giggling because this question has four favorites and no answers yet!

OK, I'll bite: submission and coffee.

disclaimer: i've never tried listening to this because i usually think of it at work. but i know it through the dom's other works.
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Kevin Allison's Risk! podcast has some pretty amazing stories. It is available on itunes.
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Not a podcast, but you might like this audiobook, dark & funny, though with happy ending American on Purpose CD: The Improbable Adventures of an Unlikely Patriot
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seconding Risk! and Savage Love.
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The Moth doesn't usually, but occasionally, features stories from people that have, shall we say, a colorful past.

The Memory Palace tells stories of strange happenings in the distant past of American history.
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You might want to try Uh Yeah Dude, which is kinda in the right zone for what you are talking about. It's basically two guys in LA, around 25-30, who rant and rave about the news and life in LA. They can really get going when talking about drugs, porn, and similar stuff. They have a very nihilistic point of view -- basically, everything is a giant porn-ified horror show, which can be funny sometimes and not other other times. I thought show #200 was pretty funny - try that one and see if you like it.
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Just wheeled my farthing-penny back around to recommend the Watt from Pedro show to my audience of 32 favorit-ites. Maybe not so much seedy, but definately the broad, hairy underbelly of the music world which you will never NEVER encounter through more mainstream media channels. You can subscribe through iTunes too, but the website is where all the playlists are so you can track down stuff you like.

And San Pedro put in mind my favorite seedy underbelly author, Charles Bukowski. Here are some interviews.

Also, that RISK! link needs a "warning: nervous verboseness" tag. I like some of the stories; just have to be in the mood for open mike or poetry slam to listen, i guess.
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