Registering a .cr domain.
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I'd like to register a .cr domain but I'm not sure which company I should use.

101 Domain as well as RWGUSA offer .cr registration. 101 Domain has a few spotty reviews and I haven't been able to find much on RWGUSA.

I'd love any recommendations from people who have registered .cr domains before. Is there a particular company I should use? Any that I should stay away from?

Any help would be much appreciated!
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You could go straight to NIC Costa Rica:

$25/yr for third level domains, $80/yr for second level domains
posted by bgrebs at 4:35 PM on February 26, 2010 might be worth checking out. More expensive than NIC Costa Rica though.
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I've used Marcaria for a .cr domain name (and a bunch of others as well) and it is very simple. It is also easy to get a live person on the phone if you need one, which is a plus.
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