What's the best place to get Halal meat in central Toronto?
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Please help me find a good Halal butcher or meat shop in Toronto. Preferably not in Scarborough.

So after months of waiting, it finally looks like my muslim husband is going to get his visa to join me in Toronto. When I lived in Egypt, it was easy to shop for food since it's pretty much all halal. Here in Toronto, it's a bit more challenging.

I've tried google, with mixed results. I've also seen a number of tiny little halal food shops, but none of the ones I've gone in to seem to offer great selection. So I'm looking for suggestions for good places to buy halal meat in Toronto that is fresh and good. I live in west-central Toronto (think Bloor and Ossington) but am willing to travel to places that are TTC accessible - although the further away it is, the better I expect it to be.

I'm looking for suggestions that are not the meat counter in my local grocery store - they do have some halal but the selection and quality are not great.

Any help is appreciated!
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Not quite as far as Scarborough, there's at least a dozen halal butchers at Danforth and Donlands.
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Many (though certainly not all) Muslims consider Kosher meat to also be Halal- you might want to ask your husband about this, as it would definitely expand your shopping options.
Congratulations on the visa!
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Go to i.zabihah. If you are using firefox, it would ask you to share your geo location. (not sure about IE). Once you share your location, it will show various restaurants and markets nearby. I think the Market tab is the one you should look under.
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Thanks for the suggestion - Danforth and Donlands is definitely do-able, and I'll check out i.zabihah.

I wondered about the kosher thing, but couldn't quite figure it out. I'll ask him.
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There are quite a few middle eastern food markets up in the Yonge & Finch - Yonge & Steeles area. Sorry for my ignorance, I'm not sure if they will have what you're looking for.
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Did you try punching "halal meats toronto" into google maps? Or "halal butcher toronto"? I did, and found this one in the west end. Of course, I can't recommend it but since you're west anyway, it might be worth a shot.
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