Help me backup v3t contacts with a dead display
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Motorola Razr V3t Owners: Help walk me through the button presses necessary to change my USB settings for use with Motorola Phone Tools since my screen died and I can't see my menus.

I have a Motorola Razr V3t with T-Mobile that was working great until this morning when I discovered the screen was dead. Tried removing and replacing the battery, nothing.

Took it to the T-Mobile store to get a loaner and when the girl tried to transfer the numbers, she told me it couldn't get them because it was in the incorrect USB mode and without being able to see the screen there was no way she could switch it.

That's where you guys come in! I have acquired a copy of Motorola Phone Tools v5 however it does not recognize my phone (presumably for the same reason she encountered) and I want to try to change the settings and use it with that but I need someone to guide me through the button presses since I can't see my screen.

I'm talking like, step-by-step button presses as in:

1. Hit the top middle menu button on the keypad
2. Hit the down arrow twice and hit the middle button to select
3. Hit the down arrow once and hit the middle button to select
4. Etc.
5. Etc.
6. You get the point

I'm operating blind here and hopefully if I can switch the mode the Phone Tools software will recognize it and I can save these contacts to the computer.

Alternatively, if there is a way to back all the stored phone numbers up and copy them over to the SIM card a walkthrough for that would work too!

I will be monitoring this regularly so please feel free to ask any questions necessary to assist with this.
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I've got a Razr V3, but I just poked around in the Tools and Settings submenus, and I have no idea what you're talking about.

If you can be more specific about this USB mode thing, I might be able to help you.
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Apparently Motorola's tech support told me it would be under the following Menus:

Settings > Connection > USB Setting > Default Connections > Data/fax connections
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Press CLR a few times to make sure you're at the top menu. Press circular button. Press up twice, then press circular button again. Up once, then circle again. That'll get you to the Connection submenu.

Mine doesn't have USB Setting listed under Connection, though (Not a V3t, and Alltel, rather than T-Mo, which may be part of the problem), so I don't think I can get you any further.
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Howard Forums is an excellent place for cellphone-related info, and it gets mentioned in AskMe questions a lot. If nobody around here can help you, somebody there might be able to.
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