Where can I get a good deal on USB drives?
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Customized / personalized / promotional USB drives. Anyone know of a better price?

I need to order 100 USB drives (1 GB should be fine) with an organization's logo on them. It could be 1 color.

I've googled and gotten a few price quotes - usually around $9/drive.

Has anyone had any good experiences with a particular company or know of a better price than this? We'd probably be willing to buy up to 200 if the price was a lot better.
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I work in contract office supply sales. For a 1GB drive, that's a pretty standard price for 100. The more you order the cheaper the quote will be per piece. at only 100 or 200 though I doubt you'll find anthing below $8 and change.
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If you are still a grad student (checked your profile) see if your school's purchasing department can do anything for you with either office supply or electronics / computer peripheral contract vendors they have.
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I have not ordered as many as 100, but have had good experiences with Pexagon. They have a link in the sidebar for businesses ordering in bulk and will give you a quote (they say witihin 24 hours).
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