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Does anyone have any suggestions for online tutorials to help me teach PHP to a 10-year-old?

I know it will take a while to work up to real games, but I want to start him off with some fun stuff -- forms, trivia quizzes, that kind of thing. Any recommendations would be most appreciated. Thank you in advance!
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This was a great resource for me when I was learning. It's not "for children," but depending on the 10-year-old in question it could be perfect.
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This addresses more than just PHP, but may help keep a 10-year old interested. Hope it gives you a place to start!
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Unless there is some strongly compelling reason for using PHP with this child, don't. PHP is a bad first language for anyone because it is (admittedly) a great big pile of hacks and will teach bad habits and poor thinking.

The MIT Scratch Project is intentionally designed for teaching children the concept of programming without syntax errors, edit/compile/crash cycles; it gives very rapid feedback and does "cool stuff" in a matter of minutes.
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Please please please please don't start with PHP. Maybe Python, or even Visual Basic (gasp!). But not PHP.
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Definitely recommend Python over PHP. The syntax is simpler, the language is more internally consistent, and there are resources available for kids that age. See Invent your own computer games with Python, "written to be understandable by kids as young as 10 to 12 years old."
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