Help me stop paying for Sat. TV
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Help me stop paying for Sat. TV

I have just purchased a new Windows 7 PC and its features through mediaplayer are awesome. I would like to figure out how to move away from paying for TV without losing all the cool stuff I have now.

So many of the shows I watch are available via online or over the air I think this makes sense.

What I have now:Dishnetwork
Windows 7 / Quad core machine

Things I love and wouldn't want to lose:
DVR functionality (pause, record, rewind, fastforward etc.)
Purchasing of UFC pay per-view events (really the only PPV I get)
Support for 4 TVs.
Want to be able to watch "The Ultimate Fighter" show from SpikeTV, which I can't find online anywhere. (Yes, I am an MMA freak.)

Before I got this new PC I was using PlayOn to stream from my PC to my PS3 pretty successfully, but was hoping with Windows 7 I could cut out this 3rd party solution.

BTW - I am really wanting to avoid any illegal options.

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I'm not sure there's a legal way to get Pay-Per-View stuff without paying for tv.
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rephrase: i want to be able to get ppv w/o sat or cable. i am ok paying for it.
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The Ultinate Fighter is available on, found via

This may help on PPV, but sounds dubiously legal

Yahoo is the provider of UFC PPV streams, it looks like they offer them online:
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