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YANMTS (you are not my tech support): When I type an email or reply to an email in gmail, it is stored in the auto-complete for the To: field. I now want to migrate to a new server, but can't see those email addresses and have deleted all sent/trash and archived mail. How do I get this information out?
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In the left menu of gmail, choose contacts. You can then select all the addresses and export them.
posted by advicepig at 6:05 PM on February 24, 2010

You should be able to go to your gmail contacts [a link under your tags/folders] select "all contacts" which will create a list of them, then select all of these [link above the long list] and use the export feature in the upper right. I am not sure if this works if somehow you have gmail set to not save email addresses in your contacts, but it automatically does it for mine. If this doesn't work or doesn't do what I said it should, could you explain a little more about how your email is set up?
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Response by poster: I'm a noob! You both put me into the right direction. I hadn't found the all contacts option! Thank you for your patience, and your help!
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