Look at me, a perfectly normal human being, visiting an apartment building from an obscure TV show.
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I want to see the apartment building used in establishing shots for the British sitcom Peep Show. Where in (London?) is it?
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IMDB lists two locations, both in Croydon.
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If you visit this Google Maps location http://tinyurl.com/yht7986 there are two small photos in the left hand panel - these may be the buildings you've seen in the credits (I've never seen the credits so I can't say).

There don't seem to be any Google Street Views of that area.

By the way - when you say 'you want to see' do you mean you want to physically visit the buildings or just see other video/photos ?
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When I say establishing shot I mean those they splice in directly before the plot moves to Mark and Jez's apartment. It's a pretty distinctive building with regular square tiles on the facade.

I want to visit it in person. Ideally, I'd like to recreate that shot. Tigrefacile's link looks promising, but I'd appreciate confirmation from a Londoner before I trek down from Birmingham.
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If IMDB is correct about the location there's a website dedicated to the building here http://canterburyhousecroydon.co.uk/gallery.html .
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Ah, this is it, thanks!
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...and the second one's clearly the one you want. It's on Street View.
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...while I was sleeping.
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