what was "I found it"?
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What was the "I found it" campaign during what I seem to recall was the late 70's.

In Minnesota (I assume it was the whole US but I would not know) there were billboards, full page ads and other such things with just the words "I found it" that was cryptic for what seemed to be months. I found out it was some advertising campaign for a religious group, sharing their faith or something.

What was the religious group? What was the message? Any hints to do a Google search to find out more would be appreciated. (or perhaps even a website)

thanks in advance!
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Best answer: Looks like it was an ad campaign for Campus Crusade for Christ (scroll down to 1976). Quote from the NY Times:

"In the 1970's, it staged youth rallies and distributed bumperstickers that declared "I Found It," along with an 800-number."

This timeline (scroll to 1975) has some photos & more info.
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I don't recall the ad campaign itself, but I finally understand why, when looking for something my siblings would go through the following routine:

"I found it!"
"A new life in Jesus Christ!"
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My friend Sharon had a bumper sticker in a similar typeface that said "I Lost It".
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Response by poster: Thanks.

I almost marked "I lost it" as the best answer, but I couldn't do it good conscience.

It appears there also was an "I smoked it" at some point, per my Google search.
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Mormons and other denominations were sporting "I never lost it" on their station wagons as a response, although it was considered a little shameless and provocative.
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My church participated in the bumper sticker campaign, and the way it was explained by the guy at our church who introduced it was that people would ask us, "What? What did you find?" and we'd have an opportunity to witness for Jesus.

This was at a non-denominational fundamentalist church in Ohio in the mid-seventies (as I recall... I'd have been somewhere around the age of 11-12 which would make it 76-77.)
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I had the bumper sticker "I Lost It" plus "I Wasn't Even Looking For It".
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Heh, I have a bumpersticker a dear friend got me at a sci-fi convention that reads: "campus crusade for CTHULU
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