Make the switch to Mobile Broadband????
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Switching to mobile broadband...not sure if now is the best time???? I live alone and mainly use a laptop...right now my ISP is Roadrunner and I have my own wireless router attached to it. I pay about $35/mo. about 1/2 of my internet/cable bundle bill of $70 or so.

Really interested in the sprint mobile broadband option...monthly rate would be 59.00 so its an added expense but it would be more convenient...I could take it on the go (securely). My main concerns are: is it worth it to do that? and, would I be able to stay within the limit (I think it is 5MG?)...I am ALWAYS on my, youtube, some music, etc, etc., so the limits do scare me...tho, I have been told, the limits are not so limiting (hard to say until I use it tho. Has anyone out there made a switch such as this (from Roadrunner or Comcast or AT&T to a mobile broadband card)? How is it going? Concerns, complaints, compliments? Your feedback would be helpful as I make the decision. Thank you:)
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5MB is not a lot. Not a lot at all. Downloading 1 mp3 song is probably round 4MB.

Considering your usage habits, don't do it. Plus, mobile broadband is MUCH slower than what you're used to (from what I know.)
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Nevermind, looks like the limit is 5 GB (A little over 5000 MB). Still not a lot. You'd still hit that very, very quickly considering how much you use the internet.
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Your hardline ISP is going to be way faster, and won't charge you for overages. I can do 5GB in a week without trying very hard.

Mobile broadband is not yet in a position in the US to be a viable substitute for a traditional ISP. Give it another five years.
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Thank you both for your answers and input - it was so helpful!
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If you are in an area like we are where the only alternative is dialup, mobile broadband is great.
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