ethical alpaca?
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So, a friend of mine has an alpaca fur blanket exactly like this one. My wife is in love with it and I would like to buy something similar for her.

The catch is that we are vegetarians. Also, $500 is out of my price range.

I'm looking for something comparable, but not made from animal hide and, ideally, less than $200.

There are these, but the woven variety seems to lack the floofiness I am looking for.

There are also these, but I am skeptical of whether their quality warrants the price.

So, any suggestions for an alpaca fur-style blanket that isn't made from animal hide (animal hair is fine)?
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I have a similar faux fur blanket and it is indeed very warm, floofy and soft. However, mine is also somewhat slithery because the backing fabric is slinky chenille. Visit your local Target, they have the one I have which looks like the one you linked for a fraction of the price.
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From Ms. Vegetable:

While this is made of alpaca yarn, not fur, it is super soft, beautiful, and sustainably created:
alpaca throw
It may not be floofy enough for you, though.
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Maybe one of these?
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Try googling Korean Mink Blanket. They are made of acrylic, but are ultra warm and soft -- sort of minky.
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I was looking through West Elm catalog and remembered your question. This faux curly lamb throw might work for you and it's even on sale!
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