google searches that include "search" and "google" were decidedly unhelpful
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Google Chrome - Can I turn off the search function in the address bar?

I like Google Chrome, but when I type into the address bar I'd rather it just suggest sites I've visited and not make endless suggestions of things it thinks I'd like to google. If I want to google something I know where to go thank you very much - I'd like the address bar to just do its job and remember where I've been. Is there a way to turn off the search function?
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Best answer: If I want to google something I know where to go thank you very much

Oh really? turn off search in chrome

Sorry for the sarcasm, it was too easy. The answer from the second link:

You cannot turn off search in Omnibox. You need to type in the correct address if you want a website.

You could in, it seems set a search engine to the keyword null and it'll be more or less what you're asking. The Omnibox is one of the best features to Chrome, at least in my opinion.
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Best answer:

Specifically, under "Disable Search Suggestions." I hate this too!
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Response by poster: Aw, thanks guys! It worked! (Just to defend myself a bit - I *had* managed to find that page, but I read it stupidly and thought that you couldn't lose the google search without losing the old-site-suggestion via that method. But then I did!)
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