Place to buy cigarette cartons (EU) online?
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Does anyone know a reputable place to buy cigarettes online? Google is pretty useless as far as I can tell. Alot of the sites don't have functioning payment systems, and just seem shady on top of that. Any suggestions appreciated, and yes, I've cut down a lot, and just don't feel like going broke while trying to quit.
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Best answer: These look pretty legit: Oklahoma Outlet, or Duty Free Depot, or NC Cartons Direct

Of course, use a credit card so you can use purchase protection.

The trick I've found to keep smoking to a minimum is take up smoking some of the higher end cigarettes like Dunhills or, a favorite, 555s. This keeps me from smoking too voraciously. A lot of people I know claim that switching to Natural American Spirits helped them wean and eventually quit.
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Oh, my apologies, I missed the request that these stores be in the EU.
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I feel for you about the prices (and Italy, where I live is not even one of the most heavily taxed) but since cigarettes are taxed everywhere I doubt you would be *legally* importing them, hence the suspect of shadiness, even though taxes can be legally circumvented (for instance, some ship orders of multiple cartons one at a time).
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Outis, I for one thank you, since you just showed me a way to save about $60/month. Smoking American Spirits not really helping me quit, though. In fact, I think i will have another right NOW.
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Response by poster: Yeah, thanks Outis...I was thinking EU because they seem a hell of a lot cheaper. I'll give one of yours a shot and let you know what happens.
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My partner flies internationally more weeks than not, and buys duty-free. Usually, at least on Swiss Air, buying on the plane is cheaper than the shops in the airports--IF the cart can get to him. For some reason, in-flight duty free shopping takes vast amounts of time per transaction.

I ordered some on-line once, when I lived in the UK. One package got through. The other was either intercepted, or never shipped.
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In case it helps those who might see this thread late, I have serious doubts that NC Cartons Direct is legit. They have no phone number listed on their website, and do not respond to customer service e-mails. Unsure about the other two.
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Response by poster: @Vers -- Sorry I didn't update, but I didnt use any of the other sites. Still havent really figured out a solution either....
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