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What does "krelboyne" mean? The smart kids in the gifted class on the show Malcolm in the Middle are called that. I've googled to no avail. [more, in the middle]

The only result I found that wasn't someone's last name or a reference to the show was a link to imdb for "Little Shop of Horrors", a character named Seymour Krelboyne. How does he relate to the krelboynes on the show, if at all? Does anyone know exactly where this came from?
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from imdb trivia for malcolm in the middle:

"Krelboyne", the name of the class of gifted students to which Malcolm belongs, is taken from the name of the nerdy hero of The Little Shop of Horrors (1960).

Two of the Krelboynes, Dabney and Lloyd, are named after student houses at Caltech.
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I thought it was the name of the special smart kid school/class he went to.
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It's probably from the original version of "Little Shop of Horrors". The main reason it's funny in the Roger Corman version is that he pronounces it that way, and then is asked to spell it. He spells it phonetically.
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I thought you heard it wrong, but my husband and google have shown me I don't know what the hell I heard.

Intelipedia backs everyone up on Little Shop of Horrors.
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clearly i should have looked more on imdb and less on google. thanks! now i have to watch little shop of horrors to round out my education.
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Cool this has kept popping into my head everyonce in a while.
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I'm not sure if this is what interrobang was getting at, but the character from Little Shop is named Seymour Krelborn. However, his boss, Mr. Mushnik, usually has a Brooklyn accent and pronounces it like "Krelboyne."
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