What Q&A site software exists that I can download and run on my own server?
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What Q&A site software is out there that I can run on my own server behind a firewall?

Q&A sites have existed for some time (hey, we're actually on one right now!), but have recently grown in popularity with sites like StackOverflow (and its StackExchange engine), Quora and Aardvark. StackExchange itself can be run for communities, although if you want to run it on your own server, it looks like it can be pretty expensive.

Is there a simple, free alternative that I can run on my own server behind a firewall? Sort of an Enterprise Q&A site? Big plus if it integrates with other user management systems like LDAP.
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Stacked seems it might fit (just on a cursory browse...).
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Looks like Shapado is GPL'd too. See also Shapado.com for a demo.
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