Heating Oil Prices
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HeatingOilFilter: We are paying $2.19 a gallon in the Northwest. Is this average now?

And on a more meta level, Why are gas and oil prices so high? Is our war helping or hurting?
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Republicans will say it's helping.
Democrats will say it's hurting.

I personally feel the bigger driver is the industrialization of China. They are sucking in all the oil they can get right now. Supply and demand.
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Wow, your heating oil is cheap! Actually, the oil/propane people are working in an unregulated market, so the price fluctuates all the hell over the place AND they can charge you more if you don't have one of their special package deals. I got some propane [similar price range, not completely the same] recently before I knew this and was charged a mind-blowing $3.50/gallon. Fortunately the nice lady at the oil company let me sign up for the special lock-in rate [pay $40 to have the rate capped for the year hovering around $2.15 or so] and re-estimated my rates but DAMN. Check here to see how your rates compare to the national averages. Here are Vermont's fuel prices, for comparison.
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Yep. From what I understand, China is trying to do an end run around OPEC and cut deals with specific countries. If any nation has the power to break OPEC, they do.
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We're paying a comparable rate right now in Boston (nearly a dollar more per gallon than last year). We received a letter from our oil company president; he felt the current high cost was not a supply issue and had more to do with speculation among wholesale suppliers. Fortunately we had some work done on the furnace, and we seem to be using less oil.

As to biodiesel, that sounds interesting. In terms of natural rubber seals, do I want them or not want them?
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$1.95 to $1.97 on my morning commute in Metro Detroit.

For real-time US prices, try the Gas Buddy Network.
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Whoops, they cover Canada as well.
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pmurray63, we're talking about heating oil, but thanks, that site is very cool.
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Whoops again. Sorry I misread the original question ... but glad at least one of you found the site worthwhile anyway.
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Economic development in Asia, yep.

Also note the illustrious Terror Premium of ~$10/barrel
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