Help me find a place to watch the Olympics in Manhattan tonight.
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Help me find an agreeable bar in Manhattan where I can watch the winter Olympics on TV.

The bf and I don't own a TV and are looking for a place to catch some of the winter Olympics tonight. We're not sports-bar types (probably dive-bar types, actually), and we know a couple places to go in our own Brooklyn neighborhood, but we are feeling Manhattany this evening. Looking for suggestions on places we can watch the games, below 14th Street. It doesn't need to be a sports bar per se, just a comfy bar with a TV tuned to Vancouver. Thanks.
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Side Bar? When I was there for the 2008 Election night (yat another Metafilter meet up that I was unable to find anyone at), there were a lot of TVs and seemed like it would be a decent place when it wasn't packed to the gills in anticipation for Hope and Change.
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Friday nights it'll probably be busy (but where won't, right?) but I'm pretty sure Blind Pig on 14th will have more than one TV set to the coverage, and there's plenty of food and drink options. It's a fairly un-sportsbar like place that's pretty heavily into sports.
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