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I've got a personal Wordpress (2.0.4) blog at my domain. I'd like to archive that blog, and create a new one (at the same domain) for work-related blogging. What's the best way of going about it?

The link to my blog is in my profile.

And yes, before anyone asks, I've got permission from my company to blog about work.

I don't want to delete the personal blog (it is, after all, an account of my life) but I'd like the new work blog to be separate from it. Is this as simple as moving the old blog into a new folder on my domain? Can I have two wordpress blogs on the same domain, or will they interfere with one another? I haven't tinkered with wordpress since the initial installation several years ago (which I had help with from my hosting provider), so I'm woefully unprepared.

An example of a site which does the kind of thing I'd like to do (though I'm fairly certain it's custom built) is this one, which has links to its previous incarnations (home and travel) in its footer.

These are subquestions: I'd love for both the personal blog (which I might continue to post personal things to) and the work blog to integrate Twitter, Flickr, and other such sites, ideally in line with normal posts. Can I continue to use Wordpress and do this? Would that be possible to do with this theme?
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You can have two Wordpress blogs on the same domain -- just make sure you install them in different directories, and keep the databases separate.

It sounds like you want to take your personal blog from and move it to, while setting up your work blog at You should do it in that order.

Set up a new instance of Wordpress in but set it to use the existing, personal blog database. Move over your personal blog themes and plugins and whatnot to the new directory and instance of Wordpress. When you have your personal blog running on how you like it, then setup a fresh instance of Wordpress at and set it to use a new, differently-named database.
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Best answer: [Your old Wordpress blog is pretty unsafe, running version 2.0.4., so you need to do something about that.]

There are several ways to achieve your goals.

One is to install Wordpress MU, which will enable you to run several weblogs next to eachother.

Another is to indeed install a separate Wordpress installation in a separate directory. The index.php in the root of your domain points/will have to point to the installation you want visitors to see first.

Or you can do this vice versa, and move the old stuff to a new directory.

However, should you want to keep the permalink structure from your old blog intact, next to the permalink structure of the new thing, you may need to do some trickery, with .htaccess file; if your stuff is hosted on an Apache server.

The Twitter & Flickr things can either be called through widgets, which are standard to Wordpress, or with plugins. Both approaches may need that you add a line to the php of the them you use. Regardless of the theme.
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Best answer: 1) Is this as simple as moving the old blog into a new folder on my domain?.
Yes and no. You need to change the blog's location in the settings panel before moving the files. The WP Codex has some info about the process.

2) Can I have two WordPress blogs on the same domain.
Yes. Just remember to change the database prefix when installing the new blog.

3) I'd love for both blogs to integrate Twitter, Flickr, and other such sites.
It can be done with WordPress. Twitter, Flickr (using a plugin or from flickr itself), etc.
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Response by poster: ijsbrand, Wordpress MU looks like exactly what I'm looking for. Do you know where I can find information about migrating a pre-existing Wordpress blog to MU? Also, would I need to update my current installation of Wordpress first?

And regarding widgets and plugins, I'm familiar with both, and with tinkering with PHP to make them work, so no problem there. Memo, Twitter Tools looks perfect, and I had forgotten that Flickr can be set up to automatically post to your blog. Thanks!
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Is there a reason you just don't get a new domain to do this? You said you don't want to but I would think that separating out anything work related from your personal would be good if something went south.
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Do you know where I can find information about migrating a pre-existing Wordpress blog to MU?

In your WP MU Dashboard ---> Tools ---> Import:
WordPress: Import posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, and tags from a WordPress export file.
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Response by poster: [insert clever name here], the blog will be work-related in that it's going to be about my thoughts about and experiences within book publishing, but it's not going to be about my company, per se. I'm a book editor; I intend to be a book editor for quite some time. So, it's still going to be a personal blog in a certain sense, and as my domain is my name, I'd like to continue blogging under that name.

Thanks, bru! Will that preserve themes, css, etc., or just the content of the posts?
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First off you should really update the wordpress. There are some nasty bugs and holes in the earlier versions.
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Response by poster: I'm going to take care of it this weekend; I'm glad for the head's up.
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Response by poster: I didn't need that apostrophe, did I?
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