What was this childhood meditation tape from the 80's?
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Help ID this childhood meditation cassette tape from the mid-80's. Side A was "be a bird' and side B was "be a ball".

I remember listening to this tape on long car rides and using it to relax before bedtime when I was a child. This would have been around 1986 - 1989.

Each side of the tape began with a guided relaxation like "raise your arm up, stiff as a board; now let it flop down".

Side A then had you imagine that you were a specific bird, picturing your feathers and coloring - you then pictured flying up above your house. You also flew over a train, to a beach, and ended up in the forest, where the tape ended by playing ambient "woodsy" sounds - a trickling brook and chirping birds.

Side B I remember less well, but you imagined that you were a ball, slowly bouncing out of your house, down your street, etc.

What was the name of this tape, and who produced it? Bonus points if anyone can find a way to download or purchase it if it's around today. This was a very soothing memory from my childhood and I hope to relive it if I can. Googling for the few phrases I can remember didn't turn up anything, but my Googlyfoo might be weak on this one...
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Response by poster: Here's one of the Google queries I've tried with poor results.
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Best answer: Googling '"be a bird" "be a ball" relaxation', I found Imagine Yourself - available on iTunes. Is that it?
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I think x-squared-1's got it.

On this page, about half way down, you can listen to "Be a Bird" in its entirety. I listened and it matches your description perfectly. A little further down the page, you can see that you can get "Be a Bird" and "Be a Ball", along with two others from ITunes.
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Response by poster: That's it! I can't believe I didn't think to Google "relaxation" instead of "meditation". Thanks, Metafilter!
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There are currently four programs in the Imagine Yourself child and family meditation - relaxation and mindfulness series.

My kids and I loved them. As did all their cousins once we discovered them, as did their parents and the Grandmothers as well.

I see they are in all English speaking iTunes sites. US, Canada, Uk/Europe, Japan and Au/NZ
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P.S. Their where four programs
Be a Bird
Be a Ball
Be a Horse
Be a Cat
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YOu can get a hard copy as well.
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