Higher Ed Administrator seeks convention
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I do higher education administration and would like to go to a convention or conference of a relevant profession association. I know about NASPA. What other broadly relevant associations are out there for higher ed professionals?
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There's the NACUBO annual meeting if you're on the business side of things. Also, look into the annual conference for your institution's regional accreditor (e.g. Middle States, North Central, etc.). These conferences have tons of useful seminars for all areas of higher ed admin.
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If you aren't already, you need to become a regular reader of The Chronicle of Higher Education. You should find lots of information and conferences, etc. through that publication.
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There is also ACPA, which is similar to NASPA. In my experience ACPA tends to have more entry and mid level administrators participating, while NASPA seems to have a "higher level" (Presidents, VPs) administrator viewpoint. Personally, I enjoyed ACPA better. I did attend their Joint Meeting a few years ago (they do a joint meeting every 10 years) and that was INSANE. 10,000 people trying to navigate a conference that was taking place in two different hotels divided by a freeway...it was nuts.
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