Virginal vintage letterheads sought in SF bay
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I would like to purchase old-school unused letterheads in San Francisco or, less optimally, environs. 60-90 years old would be ideal (older than that and I assume we'd be getting into money). But I don't know where I can do this.

I got ~10 such letterheads from an antiquarian bookseller in Hyde Park, in Chicago (at $1/per), but haven't been able to find any other such booksellers in SF who have such items. (I have to admit I haven't exactly gone haring all over town, though.) Postcards yes, letterheads mostly no. I am aware of the Vintage Paper Fair and went to the last iteration but the only letterheads available were already written on (and quite spendy). This is useless for me, since I want to use the letterheads myself, to write letters on them.
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I just tried "vintage letterhead" on ebay and got lots of results.
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I've had some luck with "vintage letterhead" and "vintage stationery" on ebay. Locally, try broadening your search from booksellers to antique shops? I know I've found some stationery and such, but I'm half a continent away and that was quite a few years ago.
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Don't make a special trip for this since I don't know if they're even still there, but there used to be a stationers on Grant Ave in Chinatown that had all sorts of dusty old stuff crammed away behind the greeting cards and ballpoint pens. Not antiquarian, just packrats. Tiny place, very old-fashioned storefront, no idea what the name was.

If you're in Chinatown anyway, there are a few other places that do custom printing so you might ask them if they have any old stuff stashed away. They are modern places that advertise mostly business cards and rubber stamps and photocopy services, but you never know what they might have in the back - they've been in business at the same address forever (or at least since I moved here 22 years ago).
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I would think the Alameda Antique Fair would be a great place for this, although I don't know a particular seller who has letterhead. They just seem to have everything there.

Alternately, here's a list of used book shops in SF, you could call around and ask if they have letterhead.
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