Help me before it becomes a migraine...
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I just bought a second hand Peugeot 407. It's a lovely car but I think the windscreen is giving me a headache...

There are two things that I'm concerned about.

1) The top of the windscreen (and around the rain sensor) both show distortions although I'm sure other cars I've driven have too.

2) The mid-grey dashboard is reflecting on the windscreen.

I have no idea which of these is causing the problem (or even if they are the cause).

What can I do to identify and eliminate the problem? Any and all suggestions welcome...
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I think, with a little time, you will adjust to the distortions. All cars have them and you are just noticing that these are different from the ones you are used to.

As to the dashboard reflection, get a couple of dark-colored bath towels and lay them across the dashboard such that they extend all of the way to the glass, but don't droop down over the instruments. Drive around for a few days and see if this stops the impact of the reflection. If so, you can get a properly-fitted dashboard cover from any of the various sports car or vanity car accessories companies that are accessible on-line. But, don't waste money on a cover until you do the towel test.
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I had a similar issue with an older Volvo I owned and loved for many years. There was distortion around all sides of the windshield, but mostly near the bottom. It drove me absolutely bonkers. I only drove it for a couple months before I decided to have it replaced. The new glass made all the difference in the world, and it was much cheaper than I'd expected (I think I paid about $175, and they came out and installed it in the driveway).

Seconding the suggestion for a dash cover, as well. I've always found that I'm sensitive to reflections, even when wearing sunglasses. I was able to find a nice cloth cover that almost totally eliminated the glare... and covered the imperfections in the 25 year old dash, as well. It was made to fit the car, so it covered everything snugly and didn't get in the way of the instrument panel or anything.
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Unless it's a bad distortion you'll get used to it like old geezer says. If after about a week the problem still persists then look into getting a new windshield. The distortions cause headaches, nausea, etc....

The distortion magnifies images ahead of you and your vision is trying to adjust to that little slice of heaven and the rest of the view at the same time. I've heard of folks puking in their cars because the distortion is situated in a "bad spot".

If you want to test the theory, while parked, pick an object that is a bit of distance and focus the area in question on the spot. Move your head from side to side while looking at the distant object. If that starts the headaches then quit looking through the distortion. :) Also look across your windshield from outside the vehicle and see all of the distortion in the glass. Every curved piece of glass has it, some are just worse that others.
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