Where can I find clothing from the Opening Ceremonies?
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Is there a website that lists all of the Opening Ceremony outfits for the Vancouver Olympics and where to buy them? I really liked the track jackets from the Netherlands/zubaz from Azerbaijan -- and want one -- but can't suss out all of the Flash Olympic sites.

Basically, I'm looking for a website that would ideally sell every item the athletes were wearing as they marched in. I have found the US/Canadian sites, but not the ones for other countries.
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I am hunting for a Netherlands jacket as well. They were designed by the Edzerza Gallery and are allegedly for sale at the HBC store in downtown Vancouver. I haven't found a way to order online yet, but if you are on Facebook, you can follow the Edzerza Gallery group and see if they put them online sometime soon.

On the subject of the crazy pants from Azerbaijan, I have no information.
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HBC has an online store at http://store.hbc.com. Currently they only have the Canadian and USA lines but perhaps they will add more to the online offerings since they already have the physical stock (per cabingirl above).

You could also call them (1.877.747.4422) to see if they could sell it to you that way.
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If they are in fact for sale in Vancouver but not online, you could have a local MeFite pick one up and send it to you.
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I can't believe there's no central repository online for this stuff -- they'd make bank.

Thanks for your help, everyone. I'll call tomorrow.
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