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What happens to the merchandise for the losing team in a championship game?

Immediately after the trophy is presented, the winners are draped in, say, "Saints - Superbowl Champs 2009" paraphernalia or whatnot. So then, what happens to the Colts' Superbowling cloth? Destroyed, lest they become collector's items or interfere with the time/space continuum? One would assume destroyed, but, I would hope, at least, shipped to some relief organization, with a tax benefit for the producer somehow. Anyway, some real information on this question would be nice.
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It does get sent to relief organizations.
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Specifically, this year's Colts' gear went to Haiti.
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Hey, look at that, those articles are mentioning my employer (World Vision). Funny enough, I'm in Malawi with WV at the moment.

These clothes are typically donated to our Gifts In Kind (GIK) program, and they can then go anywhere in the world where we work with beneficiaries who are in need of things as simple as clothes (like...Haiti, right now). What that means is that no matter where I travel in our third world contexts, I'm constantly running into kids wearing these shirts declaring winners that never were.

Its particularly painful when I see Oakland A's memorabilia for games they didn't win (but should have...2003 playoffs...hrmph...pisser...). I actually have a buddy who worked for the Yankees who was more than happy to save one of those hats from the shipment to WV and send it to me directly.

So anyway, yeah, I can confirm first hand that the articles linked above are accurate - we receive these goods en mass through our Denver and Pittsburgh warehouses for international shipment. My question is, do they pre-print this kind of memorabilia for the big international soccer teams? Because you could never pull off this kinda tom-foolery with that gear.
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A guy who works with my partner is dating a woman who lives in the Philippines. Apparently a lot of it goes there, on a pretty regular basis (so not just this year's stuff, for example).

We discussed amassing a collection of "not-quites." I think it would be hilarious.
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