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What in the hell is this

I found this flash loop on 4chan awhile back and it mesmerizes me. Where is the audio from? Who drew the visual part? It sounds like a European commercial of some kind but I can't figure out what language it is, and the animation looks like it was drawn by Jeff K!

Basically, any clue as to what on earth the audio from this clip is from would help me out a lot, because I'm trying to sample it for a song and this source is really low-quality.
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Best answer: The audio is from an old commercial for Royco Cup a Soup (it's in Dutch - it's cheesy as hell). I guess it's some kind of meme, as there are a number of other mash ups?

Insta-edit: see here.
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Response by poster: Thanks! I hadn't thought it might be a meme and I assumed I was hearing "cup a soup" due to some language mapping thing.
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