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RoofingFilter: One reason we got our new house cheap is that the roof needs to be replaced (and the ventilation improved); unfortunately our inspector, who used to be a roofer and had good suggestions, didn't have any names to recommend and could only suggest we get as many bids as possible. Since I had good luck with my query about movers (and thanks, NorthCoastCafe, for recommending City Moves, who were great!), I'm rolling the dice again: anyone know a good roofer in Pittsfield (or the northern Berkshires)?
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i'm confused. is that an american address? i thought berkshire was in the uk. if you are in the uk, i can probably get you help (my dad worked in the industry all his life and is now secretary(?) of some national federation of such people). but your profile says "Mass"...
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Looks like you are in the Boston, MA area. I have been a faithful subscriber to Angie's List since we brought our first house in 1997, and they service your area. It completely rocks, I cannot recommend it highly enough. They should have loads of recommended roofers. No company can buy their way onto Angie's List, only subscribers can report on them and recommend them to other customer.
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If you get stumped, I can ask my father-in-law; he lives outside of Troy, NY, and so isn't that far away from Pittsfield.

And the Berkshires is the range that runs across New England (part of the Appalachian Mountains).
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Response by poster: internal: Actually, I'm at the other end of the state from Boston (in fact, a lot of folks out here root against the Red Sox because they hate Boston and it's East-Masscentricity), and it looks like you have to pay money for Angie's List, so I'd have to be convinced they had good coverage of Berkshire County before I shelled out. Can you find out?

Doohickie: If it's not too much trouble, I'd be grateful if you passed along whatever recommendations your father-in-law has (my e-mail's on my user page).

andrew: As Doohickie says, the Berkshires are a mountain range; furthermore, the first syllable is pronounced Birk, not Bark (as you're probably thinking).
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Response by poster: Good god, did I just put an apostrophe in possessive "its"? This house stuff is getting to me...
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Best answer: languagehat- I emailed my mother-in-law and asked her to talk to my father-in-law about a roofer. I don't know if he will know anyone, but it's worth a shot.
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P.S. The Berkshires are beautiful, aren't they?

P.P.S. Especially in October.
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Response by poster: Thanks!

P.S. Yes!

P.P.S. I can't believe this is already off the front page. Oh well, at least I got one useful response. People and their fucking computer questions...
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Best answer: LH - I just sent you an email w/recommendations.
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