Help me meet my high hairstylist standards in ATX.
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Seeking hairstylist who does a good job on ladies hair in Austin, Texas.

I am going to have to part ways with my hairstylist of a couple of years. He is really great, but the price isn't right for me right now, and his new location is just too inconvenient for me and my schedule. (If you're looking for a great hairstylist just east of downtown, memail me, if he ever moves to a better spot, I would definitely go back to him).
So, I'm looking for a new hairstylist. Criteria:
1) Hip and edgy, but not wanting to go avant-garde on my hair.
2) Doesn't push products or color, and won't scold me for dying my hair myself.
2b) Uses naturalish lines of shampoos/products.
3) Actually listens when you say you want a hairstyle that doesn't require a lot of work to style each day.
4) Under $50, including tip, for shampoo/cut/style. (Maybe this is unreasonable, but my previous guy charged just over this for all that plus extras, so hopefully not).
5) Chill, non-loud atmosphere (no mall places, the less stylists in the same space, the better)
6) North of MLK, South of 183, West of I-35 or not too far East of it, East of 360
7) The stylist works at the same location every day they work. This means not Bird's or any other place where it is essentially impossible to schedule an appointment at a specific time with a specific person.
8) Is possible to schedule an appointment with a few weeks in advance or less.

I'm looking for the name of a person, not the name of a salon generally.
Reading my post, I feel like it sounds really nitpicky, but I guess I am picky, and it's better to be specific on AskMe, I find. ;-)
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Not sure how realistic that price-point is. Mrs. pays about $65 (before tip). Her guy is in Hyde Park, and otherwise meets your criteria. Here's his facebook page: Not sure if he is seeking new clients or not, but I'm sure he's open to inquiries if you're interested.
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Not north of MLK, but I really loved Aziz Salon on 7th Street. They were really great about hair that I could style easily (dry and go), under $50 for shampoo/cut/style, and when I did get it colored there, it was a great color that didn't fade immediately. Also have a spa there so it's very chill.
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I should add that anything above the price point is a dealbreaker since I can go to my current guy if I want to pay more than that, the price is 1/2 of why I'm looking for a new stylist. I have straight, fine hair, and mostly want to maintain a medium bob, so it's not worth more than that to me. Most everything else is negotiable. Thanks!
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Love my guy (Danny at Roar Salon--which is a mellow 7-8 stylist salon) but he is above you price point too. Under $50 including tip is a tough thing to find, IMO.
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Try Kelly (and see his Yelp reviews). I haven't been to his new location, but his old location was essentially a tiny office, where it was just the two of you.

I know it's just over your price point, but the price on the website includes tip.
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JR Salon on Burnet. It's the "training salon" for Jackson Ruiz, but the salon is super professional and everyone I know that's gotten a cut there (myself included) has loved it. Haircuts are 40$, no tipping allowed, free hand massage. Aveda products.
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2nding Kelly. Kelly, Kelly, Kelly. Hair genius!

For $55, you get a wondrous cut that takes YOUR hair into consideration, the BEST scalp massage/shampoo you will ever have in your life, styling, and tip.

Worth every penny and more.

I anti-recommend Avenue Five (beauty school) and Orbit.
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For the last year, I have been using Jamie at Urban Betty salon (38th and Lamar area). She's very young, but has always done a great job with my hair. I've been growing it out from a bob in the time I've seen her - $45 for a cut. She's relaxing to be around, and never once has suggested I buy any products. She gets great reviews from others online.
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