'The absurd hype of romanticism'
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On February, 2001 Andrew Sullivan published, in the NTY, and subsequently on his blog, an essay titled 'The absurd hype of romanticism'.

He long ago repudiated his conclusions, but the article still stands, for some, as one of the best-written screeds against romance, Valentine's Day, and the 'absurdity' of romantic love. Has he actually managed to have it expunged from the internet?
If not, and it seems unlikely, my question is simply, where (on-line) is it?
I get a 404 on his old website and can't find it in the NYT archives...surely I'm doing something wrong. If anyone has a clue, or pointers, I'd be much obliged. I have it saved personally, but wanted to share it on the web via a link.
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Best answer: This?
posted by acidic at 1:52 AM on February 13, 2010

Response by poster: wow, as I anticapited, I feel dern stupid now, but thanks acidic, that is precisely it. a different title and in the magazine, but amazingly I couldn't find it...again, thanks! cheers...
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Response by poster: looking back...I meant on Feb. 11, and, obviously, NYT.
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do you have the link or info where he repudiates his conclusions?
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Response by poster: icy...I don't, though I will give it a gander, I'm pretty certain it was on his original blog; it was several years ago, he eventually fell in love and married his boyfriend as you may know, and said he wrote this in a fit a churlish bitterness. I think it still stands, meself:)
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